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*Please Read Prior to filling out the application* In order to comply with insurance contract requirements, all people desiring to volunteer with Love Life are required to complete a background check. At the end of this application, you will be taken to the background application - the application fee of $13.00 is to be paid by the applicant. All applicants must have an approved background check and application in order to move forward.
Volunteer/Sidewalk Outreach Application

Love Life Sidewalk Outreach Code of Conduct

This outreach is centered upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyone volunteering must agree to this Code of Conduct before serving.


Our purpose is to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are here to bring our prayers and supplications to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ. We are here to minister in a prayerful presence. We are here to represent the love and mercy that God extends to sinners and we pray for mercy on the unborn children scheduled to die. We are here to support those who are proclaiming the Gospel and speaking the Truth in love to mothers, their friends and families, and clinic personnel. We will pray specifically for any immediate needs we see in front of the abortion centers. We must remember to be prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray as He leads us. It is our duty to faithfully lay our requests before His throne, trusting that His will be done. 


Our purpose is to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are here to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. We are here as witnesses to the Biblical truth that it is immoral to destroy the life of an unborn child. We are here to expose the lies and evil deeds of the abortion industry. We are here to proclaim that abortion is an act of violence that kills an unborn child in the womb of his/her mother. We are here to offer help, hope, and truth to people entering and exiting the abortion clinic. Volunteers MUST be peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding, and non-violent. 

Volunteers must be willing to follow the instructions of Love Life leadership as well as the leadership of their local church. Only one designated volunteer at a time should speak to people entering and exiting the abortion center. Love Life volunteers must not be argumentative with patients, clinic personnel, police officers, or others. We must remember that the Holy Spirit is the One who convicts each person of sin. It is our duty to faithfully witness and proclaim the truth, leaving the results in the hands of our Sovereign Lord.


Our purpose is to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We exist to provide tangible support to women and families in need as Scripture commands. All services and ministry provided to these mothers are to be done in a Christ-like way, allowing the gifts of time, services, or goods to make way for the Giver. We believe in the unity within the body of Christ as we serve alongside one another to fulfill the Great Commission and Jesus’ promise of being known among the lost by our love for one another.

*Love Life prohibits the possession or use of firearms or weapons except as state and local law allows.
Love Life Statement of Faith
1. God There is one God (1) and this is the monotheistic, personal, transcendent God of the Old and New Testament (2) This is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (3). This God, the only true God (4), dwells in Heaven (5) and is therefore distinct from His creation (6).
2. The Trinity God is a trinity. This means that God is a tri-personal God who exists as three distinct persons, all of whom share the same substance, nature, and essence. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three different centers of consciousness (subsistences, hypostasis) that are co-equal, co-powerful, and co-eternal, existing one monotheistic God. Jesus is not the Father (7), the Father is not the Holy Spirit (8), but all three exist as one God, Jesus (9), Father (10), Holy Spirit (11, 11A).
3. The deity of Jesus Jesus is God (12). When we say Jesus is “God”, we mean that God is actually a triune Godhead that Jesus is a member/person of. Jesus existed eternally into the past alongside the Father as God from the very beginning (13) and retained full deity and the full divine nature equal to that of the Father while in the flesh (14). As God in the flesh (15), Jesus also had and has a human nature (16) and therefore is truly man and truly God. True deity and humanity are both expressing in their complete natures in the person of Jesus, which is why the death of Jesus (as man-God) was able to atone for our sins as the Bible says man alone cannot die for another man’s sins (17).
The eight marks of Messiah : Virgin Birth -Sinless Life -Ministry and Miracles -Inauguration of the Kingdom and Invitation into the Kingdom -Making of Disciples -Bodily Substitutionary Death on the Cross -Bodily Resurrection from the Dead -Ascended into Heaven where He awaits to come when He will judge the living and the dead
4. Jesus’ death and resurrection for human sin Jesus died to save sinners (18). He saved sinners from the penalty of sin and judgment of God (19) by acting as atoning sacrifice for human sin (20), thereby satisfying the righteous judgment and indignation of God (21). In addition to being forgiven of our sins through his atoning death, through the resurrection of Jesus we have been reconciled back to relationship with God (22) and have been declared righteous in his sight through the imputed righteousness of Jesus that has now been accredited to our account (23). Those who reject Jesus will die in their sins and are not forgiven of God (24).
5. Salvation in Christ alone The work of Jesus on the cross is the only offer by God to mankind by which we might be saved. Apart from the salvific death and resurrection of Jesus on the cross, salvation, relationship with God, and entrance into Heaven are not possible. There is no other way to be made right with God apart from Jesus (25).
6. Salvation by grace through faith alone The Bible teaches that we are saved by faith, by believing on Jesus as our savior (26). In addition to being saved by faith, we are saved by faith APART from works obedience and righteousness (27). This is the overwhelming testimony of Scripture. We are not saved by a pledge of service, successfully overcoming all of our willful sin, or a ceremony, but by faith. We are not saved by works. There is nothing you can do to receive the atoning benefits of Christ’s death and resurrection apart from faith. Faith alone is the medium by which we are imputed the work of Christ to our lives. This is why salvation is called a free “gift (28).” In other words, faith is a sufficient condition for being saved, as the work of Christ is fully complete and does not need to be added to with human merit. Only received through faith.
7. Inerrancy of Scripture Scripture is God-breathed (29) and was produced as men were moved on by the Holy Spirit (30). The Bible is therefore error-free, complete in it’s revelation, and cannot be added to (31). It is the final authority on doctrine, theology, and all things pertaining to the Christian faith. It is perfectly clear in the descriptions it gives of who Jesus is, who God is what the plan of salvation is, and awaits both saved and sinner in eternity. This means that any version of Christ that deviates from the Jesus in the Bible is not the Jesus who exists in actuality (32). Any version of God that deviates from the God of the Bible is an idol and does not exist in actuality (33). Any view that contradicts that of Scripture is false (34). We reject all structures or forms of authority that in any way add to, contradict or lessen the authority that belongs to the scripture alone (39 books of the Old Testament and 27 of the New Testament).
Church Affiliation
Love Life highly values the local church. Being involved in this ministry requires that vital connection to a local church. Please give us the information below about your local church and your involvement there.
Criminal History
Spiritual Life
Personal Views on the Sanctity of Human Life
Agreement, Consent, and Confidentiality